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Mapping the genetic structure of mosquitos to better understand the spread of malaria and other infectious diseases

Igor Sharakov, a professor of the Department of Entomology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is researching a way to create a three dimensional map of the genomic structure of…

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Restructuring labs in light of the pandemic

Kristopher Hite, assistant professor of biochemistry, has found pros and cons to the reduced number of students in a given lab. Among the pros — more hands-on experience.

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Researching the 'deadliest' animals on earth

Given their ability to carry and spread disease to humans, mosquitoes cause millions of deaths every year. Clément Vinauger, assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry, and Gretchen…

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Virginia Tech researchers look to improve health outcomes in patients with Lyme disease

Virginia Tech researchers, seeing an explosion of Lyme disease across most of the United States and in parts of Europe, discover ways to improve health outcomes and help patients get better, faster.

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Virginia Tech researcher discovers cellular cause of Lyme arthritis that could open door to cure

Brandon Jutras, an assistant professor of Biochemistry, discovered the cellular culprit that causes Lyme arthritis, a debilitating and extremely painful condition that impacts more than half of…

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This is who you are. This is who we are. #VTCALS

We dig deeper, seek higher, reach farther than ever before ... not because we can, but because we must. We are the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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