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Google - Downloading a Shared Drive's Contents

How to Download and Extract contents of a shared drive.

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A conversation with President Tim Sands on the Innovation Campus

The announcement of the Innovation Campus defines a pivotal moment in Virginia Tech's history. Watch as President Tim Sands discusses this once-in-a-generation opportunity with Dawn Jefferies.

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Dr. Jordan Metzgar

Virginia Tech researchers who helped identify the dangerous Giant Hogweed plants in Clarke County, Virginia, want residents to stay on the lookout for the plant with toxic sap that can cause severe…

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Hokie Roller - President Sands

President Sands caught a ride on the Hokie Roller this week to talk about commencement. He also gave some advice to the students graduating. His words may be meant for the seniors, but every…

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Hokie Roller - Kiran Bagalkotkar

Hokie Roller is a mobile interview series recorded on a golf cart. In this edition, senior Kiran Bagalkotkar discusses the unique opportunities she receives as a student in the Honors College at…

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Hokie Roller - James Federica

James Federica is one of the student co-directors for Virginia Tech Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a national fundraiser for cancer awareness and research. Federica describes some of the new…

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