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Let's Go: Grayson Moyer

Tag along as Grayson Moyer takes care of the plants in the greenhouse as part of her TA duties.

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The Green Labs Program at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute

The goal of the Green Labs Program at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC is to create a culture of sustainability in the research institute community by bringing awareness to the…

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Medicinal Chemistry Lab offers students insight into testing and developing new drugs

The Department of Chemistry, in the College of Science, has recently added a new major for students who are interested in pursuing careers in pharmaceutical research, healthcare or other related…

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Restructuring labs in light of the pandemic

Kristopher Hite, assistant professor of biochemistry, has found pros and cons to the reduced number of students in a given lab. Among the pros — more hands-on experience.

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High school students visit VT for nanoscience camp

The Academy of Integrated Science Nanocamp features exciting activities, presentations, and laboratory exercises led by prominent faculty in the field and their students.

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Virginia Tech students uncover fossils, prepare for study

Virginia Tech students volunteer to clean fossils in the Derring Hall preparation lab throughout the semester. Their work is the first step before researchers in the College Of Science can actually…

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