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VTCSOM Match Day 2024

Another year of 100% Match! The class of 2024 opened their envelopes and learned where they were going to spend the next 3-7 years of their training! Congrats!

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Virginia Tech group investing in Tanzania’s future

In 2016, a safari adventure among family and friends led to a group of Virginia Tech faculty, students, and alumni starting a nonprofit organization to build a school in Tanzania. Today, the Maasai…

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Writing Poetry March 16, 2023

Where do we turn when we need words to express the inexpressible—joy at a birth, sorrow at a terrible loss? Where do we turn to mark momentous occasions or to whisper to ourselves our most…

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‘The right place’: Sisters with rare disorder find help

When Emily Burkhart’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare gene mutation, the family found help at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute’s Neuromotor Research Clinic. When the seemingly…

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First Lady Pamela Northam visits Child Development Center for Learning and Research

First Lady Pamela Northam kicked off her Back to School Tour at the Virginia Tech Child Development Center for Learning and Research. Her visit was intended to highlight how educators are supporting…

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Alumnus returns to campus with famous pig

Paul “Farmer” Minor, a class of 1970 graduate and Corps of Cadets alumnus returned to campus with his famous pig, Daisy. The pair tours the country to encourage kids to pig out on…

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Child Development Center for Learning and Research

The mission of the Virginia Tech Child Development Center for Learning and Research (CDCLR) is to provide a model preschool program and leadership for local, state and national early childhood…

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