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Propagating mussel power to purify Virginia's freshwater

The Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Center at Virginia Tech is a cooperative research and propagation facility to restore and recover endangered freshwater mollusks in Virginia and adjacent states.

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An amazing ecosystem engineer in Southwest Virginia

Faculty and students from the College of Natural Resources and Environment are gaining a better understanding of the bluehead chub and uncovering their secrets just may be the key to conservation…

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Freshwater ecology professor stresses importance of Duck Pond to learning experience

Dr. Cayelan Carey, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, works as a freshwater ecologist both in the classroom and out in the field. Dr. Carey says students learn a lot from…

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Freshwater Ecology

Dr. Cayelan Carey, an assistant professor of biological sciences, is leading a course in freshwater ecology this fall, where students are testing and sampling water at the Duck Pond.

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