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Class of 2023 HokieBirds take off the mask

The graduating students behind the HokieBird were unmasked at commencement.

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Virginia Tech welcomes new Hokies on campus to pick up early admissions decisions and meet the Hokie Bird

Students from local high schools were invited on campus to pick up their admissions decisions in a special early drive-thru event.

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2021 HokieBird graduates revealed during online Commencement

The students behind the HokieBird are typically revealed as they process into Lane Stadium during Commencement. Two HokieBirds graduating in spring Class of 2021 were revealed during the…

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Virginia Tech welcomes new Hokies in Admissions event

Students from local high schools were given the opportunity to pick up their admissions decisions in a special early event.

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HokieBird gets mask as part of community commitment

Volunteers across the New River Valley pitch in to make masks for the community, including HokieBird statues.

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Safety tips for riding the BT

The Hokie Bird provides safety tips for avoiding the spread of COVID-19 while riding BT.

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Being committed, being well, with the HokieBird

To mitigate the potential for contamination of high touch points, over 2,000 hand sanitizer dispensers will be positioned at building entrances, exits, elevators and classrooms across the Blacksburg…

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A message from the HokieBird

The HokieBird shares a message for Hokies to socially distance to help fight COVID-19.

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The Presidential Turkeys in Washington, D.C.

The HokieBird meets the Presidential Turkeys in Washington, D.C. before their big day at The White House. After their trip around D.C., the turkeys are headed to their new home at Gobblers Rest…

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HokieBird surprises Blacksburg High School students

It's that time of year when acceptance letters are starting to go out. Watch the video to see some local students get a big surprise.

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HokieBird heads to D.C. on business, runs into fellow Hokies

HokieBird went up to Washington, D.C. this week on a business trip and was greeted by maroon and orange when riding the Metro. Throughout D.C.’s Union Station, dozens of Virginia Tech ads are…

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Become a Hibernating Hokie!

As the winter season approaches, learn what it takes to become a Hibernating Hokie. A Hibernating Hokie is simply a Hokie who remains active and connected to Virginia Tech during the winter break to…

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Virginia Tech Police Lip Sync Challenge

Are you ready? Start jumping! Here is the Virginia Tech Police Department's Lip Sync Challenge effort. Radford University Police Department, are you up to the challenge?

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