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Hokies are moving in for the Fall 2022 semester

The sights and sounds of move-in day for Fall 2022.

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Summer Academy Move-In

Summer Academy students moved into the Creativity Innovation District Residence Hall to jump-start their Virginia Tech experience. Summer Academy is a special opportunity for first-year students to…

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Students begin move-in for Spring 2021 semester

Students begin Spring 2021 move-in, which has been modified to allow for safe COVID-19 protocols.

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Pumping up the volume — of incoming packages

Mail Services is handling the package process arrival totally in-house this year, under its new Package PickUPP program. This August, over 50,000 packages arrive on campus before and during move-in.

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Move-in day fall 2020

Learn more about Virginia Tech's fall 2020 move-in process.

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Hokie Helper Training Video Fall 2020

To promote the health and safety of students and families, as well as our Hokie Helpers, the Hokie Helper program will look different in Fall 2020. Learn more and sign up today at…

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Hokie parents give advice to new students

As moving day comes to a close in 2019, new Hokie parents send their kids off while giving them advice on their future endeavors on the campus of Virginia Tech.

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Students move into residence halls with the assistance of Hokie Helpers

Campus is bustling the week before the Fall 2019 semester begins as first-year students move in to their new homes.

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President Tim Sands helps new, returning Hokies move in

Hundreds of Hokie Helpers, dressed in their signature blue shirts, welcomed new and returning students to their Virginia Tech residence halls. President Tim Sands and Laura P. Sands surprised some…

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HIE Student Housing welcomes new students

Virginia Tech is ready as HIE Student Housing, formerly known as Holiday Inn Express, is transformed into a new residence hall.

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Parents' parting words to students

As Move-In 2018 was underway, we asked family members, "What are your parting words to your students?"

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Move-In 2018

Assisted by Hokie Helpers, friends, and family members, thousands of students began moving into their residence halls Wednesday morning, as Move-In 2018 got underway.

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