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Meet a Hokie: Austin Crabtree

First year student Austin Crabtree comes from a family of Hokies. He's following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather as his begins his journey at Virginia Tech.

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First-year Jaedun Wilson looks forward to years at Virginia Tech

First-year architecture student Jaedun Wilson is ready for the learning, personal growth, and connections he'll make during his years at Virginia Tech.

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Hokie parents give advice to new students

As moving day comes to a close in 2019, new Hokie parents send their kids off while giving them advice on their future endeavors on the campus of Virginia Tech.

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Meet a Hokie: Briana Hawley

First year student Briana Hawley describes the moment that "sealed the deal" for her when deciding to become a Hokie.

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Meet a Hokie: Kelby Henriquez

Kelby Henriquez knew he wanted to be a Hokie before he left elementary school. The first year student describes what it meant to make it official.

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