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Meet a Hokie: Simon Shi

Meet Simon Shi, a junior majoring in computer science. In addition to being a student athlete, he's also a YouTuber and a Rubik's Cube enthusiast.

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Why shoot for the moon when you can shoot for Mars?

Dylan Fraley, an aerospace engineering major from Wisconsin, has his sights set on Mars. When he was a kid, he would look at planes and wonder how they flew. Today, he believes he will live to see a…

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Meet a Hokie: Liv Wisnewski

Liv Wisnewski, a second-year student, chose history and theatre as her majors because she knew she wanted to do something with museums. "They're not only a way that we pass down history,…

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Richard Randolph

Richard Randolph is a senior Building Construction and Real Estate double major. In his free time, Randolph likes to make videos and take photographs.

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