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Fightin' Hokies Lager

Brewed in collaboration between Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, one of the top programs of its kind nationwide, and the international award-winning Hardywood Park…

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One Giant Leap For Plant-kind: VT Soil Judging Team Grows Vegetables In Lunar Soil

Members of the VT Soil Judging team participate in a NASA crowdsource project to experiment with different techniques for growing plants in lunar soil; a process that will be important for potential…

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Direct marketing to consumers through farmers' markets and other channels

The tenth in a series of 20 webinars in the Virginia Sustainable Farms and Agribusiness Education Initiative. Presented by Dr. Zoë Plakias, Assistant Professor, Agricultural, Environmental,…

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Building Desks for Alexandria Students in Need

When Building Momentum, an innovative Alexandria-based maker space, came to Virginia Tech with an idea to help kids in need, alumni jumped at the opportunity to help. Building Momentum designed the…

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Virginia Tech remembers Chris Kraft '44

Chris Kraft '44, NASA’s first flight director and a pioneer who led multiple space missions, died Monday in Houston. He was 95 years old.Across the nation, he is remembered as the face of…

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A tribute to Chris Kraft ’44

This archive video honors the memory of Chris Kraft, a Virginia Tech alumnus who received his degree in aeronautical engineering. Kraft was NASA’s first flight director and was instrumental in…

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Apollo 11 Exhibit

Special Collections celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with an exhibit.

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Lockheed Martin debuts The Challenge Box at Virginia Tech

Space is not a destination. Or a tourist attraction. Or a delivery route. Space is a place to do. It’s an unlimited resource of untapped potential, and Lockheed Martin is developing the…

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Why shoot for the moon when you can shoot for Mars?

Dylan Fraley, an aerospace engineering major from Wisconsin, has his sights set on Mars. When he was a kid, he would look at planes and wonder how they flew. Today, he believes he will live to see a…

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Senior design team steps up to NASA Student Launch Initiative

A group of seniors in Virginia Tech's engineering science and mechanics undergraduate program is stepping up to the challenge of their capstone design project in a big way. Through the NASA…

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Geosciences professor awaits data from Mars explorer

Virginia Tech professor Scott King with the Department of Geosciences in the College of Science, watched NASA’s new InSight lander as it touched down on Mars Nov. 26. King is part of one of…

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