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Virginia Tech's Design, Build, Fly student team adapts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and uses collaboration to persevere.

The COVID-19 pandemic limited lab capacities and made gathering as a design team a big challenge. DBF or Design, Build, Fly made modifications to their process in order to still meet their goals as a…

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Accredited drone curriculum comes to mechanical engineering

Kevin Kochersberger, associate professor in mechanical engineering, was part of a team that established an academy for drone pilots in Malawi. Now he's bringing that experience to Virginia Tech…

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Engineering Group Brings Life to Cassell Coliseum Cutouts

Members of Virginia Tech's ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) group worked on a project automating the movement of the fan cutouts in Cassell Coliseum to mimic the experience of…

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Researching sand ingestion within jet engines

Graduate students Thomas Coulon and Addison Collins are accelerating sand through a jet, into a probe, to study the ingestion of sand within jet engines. Though they're in the early stages of…

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TurboLab team is developing laser-based diagnostics

Graduate student Sean Powers, Research Scientist Gwi Bo Byun and a team at Virginia Tech’s TurboLab have designed and built a custom inlet (air intake) to be mounted onto the front of a…

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3D Printed Latex

An interdisciplinary team of chemists and mechanical engineers affiliated with the Macromolecules Innovation Institute have discovered a novel process to 3D print latex rubber, unlocking the ability…

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Virginia Tech engineers develop solutions for localities in need of ventilators

Through a collaboration with Carilion Clinic, students in the College of Engineering have created a device that turns bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machines into functional ventilators.…

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Virginia Tech and UNICEF partner to open Africa's first drone and data academy

On January 13, 2020, UNICEF partnered with Virginia Tech to launch the African Drone and Data Academy in Malawi - the first of its kind educational effort to provide African youth with drone, data,…

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Bringing bat-like sonar to drones

Professor Rolf Mueller and his students want to replicate the ability of bats to navigate through complex environments, thus creating drones that can operate in dense foliage or autonomous underwater…

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HokieTalks: Assistive technology for farmers with mobility limitations

Alexander Leonessa, Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering, presented during the 2019 HokieTalks. Watch his talk, "Assistive technology for farmers with mobility…

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Researchers design software, creating robots to help humans

Virginia Tech researchers in the Hybrid Dynamic Systems and Robot Locomotion design software for different gaits of legged robots, allowing the machines to assist people with disabilities to walk and…

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Engineering professor shares experience of living on campus with family of 6

Pablo Tarazaga, his wife, Vanessa, and their four children, live in the Honors Residential Commons (HRC) located in East Ambler Johnston. As faculty principal of the HRC, Tarazaga is responsible for…

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Congratulations, College of Engineering class of 2019

Welcome to the Hokie alumni family.

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Meet a Hokie: Teja Sathi

Teja Sathi, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, will be heading to Phoenix, Arizona, after she graduates in May, where she will be working as a new product engineer at W.L. Gore and…

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3D Printed Piezoelectrics

New printing technique and materials could be used to develop intelligent materials and self-adaptive infrastructures and transducers.

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Igniting a housing revolution

After years of research and development contributed by over 100 Virginia Tech students and faculty, the FutureHAUS Dubai team built what's now known as the world’s best solar home. But to…

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