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Project Develops 3D Technology For Veterinary Education

The ARIES (Applied Research in Immersive Environments and Simulations) program in University Libraries meets remotely to continue their work in developing 3D models of animal anatomy in collaboration…

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Library seats available for reservation

University Libraries establishes a seat reservation system to allow students to reserve a seat in advance.

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Virginia Tech in the 1960s exhibit

The VT in the 1960s exhibit is a culmination of a class project from the class America in the 1960s. The class surveys the big picture of the 1960s, charting all kinds of social, political, and…

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In Search of Beauty

In Search of the Beauty of Nature by Tianming Zhao is an exhibit featuring watercolor paintings and leaf prints inspired by natural beauty. The appreciation of nature is always a guideline for…

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Research Support and Nintendo Knowledge

Meet Amanda MacDonald, the Undergraduate Research Services Librarian at the University Libraries. Amanda works directly with the Office of Undergraduate Research to provide students and faculty with…

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Preserving history through modern paleontology

Virginia Tech paleontologist Sterling Nesbitt and University Libraries’ 3D Design Studio Manager Max Ofsa are scanning, digitizing and replicating prehistoric bones using a modern form of…

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Digital Days

Meet Kelsey Hammer, the Digital Literacy and Multimedia Production Librarian at the University Libraries. Kelsey spends her time supporting and promoting digital literacy as well as creating all…

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The Virginia Agricultural Publications Inventory Project

The Virginia Agricultural Publications Inventory Project (VAPIP) aims to collect, review, and document agriculture and home science in Virginia over the past 130 years as documented in Agricultural…

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Fries Exhibit located in Special Collections and University Archives

Last year, the University Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives department received a $68,722 grant to preserve and make accessible decades of materials that tell the complex…

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Media and Melodies

University Libraries' Media Design Studio manager, Alice Rogers, spends her days connecting students and faculty with technology they need to create all kinds of media content. From software…

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Welcome Hokies!

The University Libraries would like to welcome Hokies to a new school year full of promise, excitement, and creation! We have the tools, resources, and people to help you accomplish your goals.

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Virtual Environments Studio gives visitors relaxed access to virtual reality

Virginia Tech's Virtual Environments Studio gives students, faculty, and other visitors an opportunity to experience virtual reality in a relaxed setting that allows them to explore the…

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Senior uses personal experience to develop virtual look into sleep paralysis

Hokie Tariq Harrison woke from his sleep unable to move. His experience with sleep paralysis inspired the Creative Technologies major to help others understand the condition through virtual reality…

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Middle schoolers design, build arcade games as part of annual ICAT Maker Camp

Virginia Tech faculty and graduate students, as well as Maker Camp alumni welcomed middle school-aged students to a four-day camp designed to harness students’ creativity and encourage them to…

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3D Imaging brings insect collection to light

Digital imaging is vital for the University Libraries. It provides a way to make Virginia Tech's collections of interesting materials, like insects, available to students, researchers, and the…

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Apollo 11 Exhibit

Special Collections celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with an exhibit.

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