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Let's Go: Shajaesza Diggs

Take a behind the scenes look at how Shajaesza conducts research on mosquitos.

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Mapping the genetic structure of mosquitos to better understand the spread of malaria and other infectious diseases

Igor Sharakov, a professor of the Department of Entomology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is researching a way to create a three dimensional map of the genomic structure of…

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Understanding Mosquito Behavior to Prevent Disease Spread

Researchers in the Fralin Life Sciences Institute study the granular details of how mosquito brains work in hopes of solving one of the biggest problems facing mankind: how to prevent the…

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Researching the 'deadliest' animals on earth

Given their ability to carry and spread disease to humans, mosquitoes cause millions of deaths every year. Clément Vinauger, assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry, and Gretchen…

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Researchers Discover New Mosquito 'Burst Mode'

Using the X-ray facilities at Argonne National Lab's Advanced Photon Source, researchers discovered a new “burst mode” of drinking in mosquitoes, which could have implications for…

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