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Grad Slate Program Information Content Blocks

How to update program information content blocks in Grad Slate.

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Shared Bookings Guide 2024

College of Engineering Microsoft Shared Bookings Video Guide February 2024

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Module 54_Making Spreadsheets Presentable (2)

00:00 Introduction 00:12 Creating a pie chart 01:30 Sort descending 02:33 Double-time review 02:55 Insert and modify the pie chart 06:08 Print preview and page setup

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Google - Download vs. Takeout

Showing some of the pitfalls of using Takeout AND Download and why you need to be diligent in checking your downloads before deleting from Google Drive.

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Google - Manually Download Photos

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Google - Addon for Drive instead of Photos Takeout

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Online Private Applicator Recertification

Online Private Applicator Recertificationby Rachel Parsonfor PSEW 2020

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