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Propagating mussel power to purify Virginia's freshwater

The Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Center at Virginia Tech is a cooperative research and propagation facility to restore and recover endangered freshwater mollusks in Virginia and adjacent states.

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Understanding Mosquito Behavior to Prevent Disease Spread

Researchers in the Fralin Life Sciences Institute study the granular details of how mosquito brains work in hopes of solving one of the biggest problems facing mankind: how to prevent the…

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College of Science 2020 Outstanding Senior Amber Abbott

Amber Abbott represents the College of Science as their 2020 Outstanding Senior.

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What's your science? - Maddie Turner

Maddie Turner loves the hands-on aspect of science and talks about her experience working in a lab.

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Unearthing A Billion Years Of History

Geobiology post-doctorate Qing Tang has recently discovered a series of billion year old green seaweed fossils that shed new light on the origins of plant life on Earth.

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Meet a Hokie: Hazem Sharaf

Hokie Hazem Sharaf made a career change and came to Virginia Tech where he’s working toward his PhD in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

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