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Taking Ut Prosim to Africa

In 2016, a safari adventure among family and friends led to a group of Virginia Tech faculty, students, and alumni starting a nonprofit organization to build a school in Tanzania. Today, the Maasai…

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Introducing Virginia Tech's First Sister 2 Sister Exchange Program Participants

When Hamdah Munir and Midhat Urooj came to Virginia Tech from their universities in Pakistan during the summer, the Sister 2 Sister Exchange Program participants knew they wanted to finish their…

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Outreach and International Affairs

Outreach and International Affairs fulfills the university’s global land-grant mission by building cross-sectoral partnerships, providing professional development programs, developing community…

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Study abroad - 'that moment of awe'

Donald Hempson explains why Virginia Tech values study abroad as a key component of the student experience. Photos taken by Virginia Tech students on study abroad programs.

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Students research ag in Ecuador

Virginia Tech agriculture students spent six weeks in Ecuador working with local partners to survey Andean farmers. They spoke the language, explored historic sites, and got a taste for international…

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International rotations at VTC

A good physician needs to have a worldview in this age when cultural diversity is the norm. That's why fourth-year students at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine have the opportunity…

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Virginia Tech centers at home and around the world

Whether the topic is wildlife rescue, holistic farming, study in Switzerland, cultural events, international research, graduate education and more -- Virginia Tech centers offer transformative…

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Exploring agriculture in South Africa

Follow a group of students through South Africa as they learn about agriculture, conservation, and wildlife management during a winter term abroad

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Peru: Bonus Content - an interview with Martin Vargas Alvines

In this bonus content, first-generation college student Martin Vargas Alvines reflects on the study program that began in the United States and ended in his home country.

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Peru: Students and professor offer final thoughts

Jose Luis Herrera shares how he's gained confidence and a sense of freedom, while Hannah Looney has learned to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

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Peru: Students present their proposal to reduce community trash problems

Hannah, Jose Luis and Alessandra Nicole marshal facts and figures to make their case. Will their professors be pleased?

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Peru: Students overcome last-minute jitters as they prepare to present

Hannah Looney and Jose Luis Herrera do some last-minute worrying as they and their colleague, Alessandra Nicole Hidalgo, prepare to give a presentation on ways to encourage trash removal. They…

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Peru: Students meet the people they're trying to help

Tag along with the students as they visit the site of floods, study a village kitchen and discover a small town in the Andes. All the while they are learning what it's like to be a…

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Peru: interview with Hannah Looney of Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech student Hannah Looney expresses anticipation and shares some of the lessons learned during her 10-day trip to Peru.

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Peru: interview with Professor Marcos Agurto

Professor Marcos Agurto, an adjunct at Virginia Tech and a professor at the University of Piura, shows how students can learn by being present with the people they are trying to serve.

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Peru: Students study development economics on the coast and in the highlands of Peru

Students from Virginia Tech and the University of Piura embark on a novel new program to study development economics on the ground on the coast and in the highlands of Peru.

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