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Virginia Tech engineering students design novel respirator

Engineering graduate students from the DREAMS and FRITH labs design and produce a novel respirator

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BME major Julia Wakefield found her passion through service and helping others.

Julia Wakefield, a Biomedical Engineering major in the Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics department found purpose in service and working with the local community. ENABLE, a club at Virginia Tech…

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3D Printed Piezoelectrics

New printing technique and materials could be used to develop intelligent materials and self-adaptive infrastructures and transducers.

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Middle schoolers design, program, and build instruments

Researchers and graduate students from the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology welcomed teachers and middle school students to the Instrument Maker Camp to harness students’…

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Complex veterinary cases are made easier through 3D printing technology

The University Libraries at Virginia Tech and the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine partner to create 3D models for complex surgical cases. Dr. Otto Lanz, professor of small animal…

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