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Understanding the New Coronavirus Vaccines

Infectious Disease Ecologist Kate Langwig explains the complicated dynamics that are at play in determining how effectively the new COVID-19 vaccines will regain pre-pandemic normalcy.

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What's your science? - Maddie Turner

Maddie Turner loves the hands-on aspect of science and talks about her experience working in a lab.

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What's your science? - Helen Ngov

Helen Ngov talks about wanting to use biology and economics to solve healthcare problems.

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What's you science? - Eric Ramos

Eric Ramos talks about why he was attracted to the College of Science and how he feels empowered to apply to medical school in the future.

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Researching how circadian rhythms influence cancer development

Associate Professor Carla Finkielstein, of the Department of Biological Sciences, and her team, which includes undergraduate Esther Wisdom, are researching how the 24-hour circadian rhythm influences…

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Researchers craft unique system for predicting water quality in reservoir

A Virginia Tech team, led by Cayelan Carey, assistant professor of biological sciences, has created a water forecasting system that the Western Virginia Water Authority in Roanoke is using to predict…

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Virginia Tech professor researches vaccine efficacy

Kate Langwig, an infectious disease ecologist and assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech, is researching ways to improve vaccine efficacy.

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Freshwater Ecology

Dr. Cayelan Carey, an assistant professor of biological sciences, is leading a course in freshwater ecology this fall, where students are testing and sampling water at the Duck Pond.

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Dr. Jordan Metzgar

Virginia Tech researchers who helped identify the dangerous Giant Hogweed plants in Clarke County, Virginia, want residents to stay on the lookout for the plant with toxic sap that can cause severe…

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Researcher discusses deadly pathogen strains in nature

Dana Hawley, associate professor of biological sciences at Virginia Tech, has long studied mycoplasmal conjunctivitis in house finches — a disease similar to “pink eye” in…

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