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An amazing ecosystem engineer in Southwest Virginia

Faculty and students from the College of Natural Resources and Environment are gaining a better understanding of the bluehead chub and uncovering their secrets just may be the key to conservation…

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Protecting a natural resource we can't live without

Tess Thompson's Stream Restoration students are protecting a most-valued natural resource — fresh water — by studying stream ecosystems and restoration.

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Addressing Potable Water Scarcity in Appalachia

Associate Professor of Biological Systems Engineering Leigh-Anne Krometis and her team study the scarcity of potable in home water throughout Appalachia and the potential dangers encountered by those…

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Meet a Hokie: Jesika McDaniel

Jesika McDaniel is a junior majoring in Biological Systems Engineering. Jesika recently traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to test how well faucet filters worked in lead-contaminated homes.

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Researchers craft unique system for predicting water quality in reservoir

A Virginia Tech team, led by Cayelan Carey, assistant professor of biological sciences, has created a water forecasting system that the Western Virginia Water Authority in Roanoke is using to predict…

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What is Virginia Tech's Fog Harp?

The fog harp received international attention when Virginia Tech professors Jonathan Boreyko and collaborator Brook Kennedy first debuted it. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

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Freshwater ecology professor stresses importance of Duck Pond to learning experience

Dr. Cayelan Carey, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, works as a freshwater ecologist both in the classroom and out in the field. Dr. Carey says students learn a lot from…

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Freshwater Ecology

Dr. Cayelan Carey, an assistant professor of biological sciences, is leading a course in freshwater ecology this fall, where students are testing and sampling water at the Duck Pond.

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